Consumer information

According to article 10 of the Law of Ukraine «On consumer rights protection» in case the contractor services (in our case it is the organizer of the event) did not provide spectacular service, the consumer has the right to cancel the contract for the provision of services and demand a refund and damage compensation.

Such claims should be submitted directly by facilities, that is, in our case, the organizer (touring, theatre) event, not the ticket seller.

The company Esport is not authorized by the Organizer of the event at the reception from the audience claims for refund in exchange for the tickets sold, control the passage of spectators at the event, but not control, the Organizer has provided spectacular service, or not, an event took place or not, and if not, with which reasons it happened (at the fault of the contractor, the force majeure).

Therefore, to return money for tickets for the event, which took place, was transferred (if You do not agree to such a transfer), we ask the public their demands and claims should be sent directly to the contractor and spectacular services to the organizer (touring, theatre) events.